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Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

A clarity enhanced natural diamond is 30% less than a non enhanced diamond. Your diamond will hold it's value at the same rate as a non enhanced diamond.​

A clarity enhanced diamond the same size, color, and price as a non enhanced diamond will have higher clarity grade. 

Our enhancements are durable and permanent under normal wear and tear conditions.
 In the unlikely event that your enhancement is damaged, we will re-enhance the diamond free of charge, FOR LIFE! ​



Enhanced Diamonds


Contrary to common conception, clarity enhanced diamonds are not created in a laboratory. They are 100% natural and genuine gemstones mined from the ground. The process of clarity enhancement involves reducing the appearance of natural blemishes or cracks present in almost every diamond. These fissures or feathers diminish the lustrous appearance of the stone. The enhancement process effectively decreases the visibility of the fissure outlines and helps in amplifying the brilliance of the stone. The result is a radiant, clearer, and visually appealing diamond that sparkles effortlessly. 

Lifetime Guarantee

Yes, that's right......for life.   Regardless of how the enhancement was removed, we will replace it for life, no questions asked, either return to your jeweler or contact us directly. 

Lifetime Guarantee

The diamond you have  purchased is a natural diamond that has been

enhanced to make it as beautiful and brilliant as possible. The enhancement is permanent under normal wear and tear conditions. The flame of a torch, acid solutions and bases can compromise the stability of the enhancement. In the unlikely event that the enhancement is damaged, Alta Diamonds will replace it at no charge, no questions asked.

Contact your jeweler or Alta Diamond directly at 1-800-391-0012




Enhanced Diamonds


Clarity enhanced diamonds are earth mined diamonds; they come from the same mines as non-enhanced diamonds.  Almost all diamonds have some type of inclusion (or imperfection) many years ago science and technology discovered a way of treating the imperfection so that they are less noticeable, or even completely optically eliminated.  This process adds no additional weight to the diamond and normal daily wear and tear will not damage the enhancement, if for any reason the enhancement is removed, we will replace it FOR LIFE.

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