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Now more than ever the marketplace is demanding more value for their money. Clarity enhanced diamonds allow the consumer to buy more diamond for less money, clarity enhanced diamonds cost 30-40% less than non clarity enhanced diamonds. A consumer may decide between buying a larger or cleaner diamond or buying the same size and quality for less.

Clarity enhanced buyers come from a variety of demographic, geographic and socio-economic positions. They cannot be segmented by income or class but rather by the way in which they perceive value. Clarity enhanced diamonds sell in high end guild stores to stores catering to blue collar demographics.

With more and more competition, it is increasingly harder for retailers to make margin. Clarity enhanced diamonds are unique products in the market, you can improve your competitive edge and profit margin.

By offering the consumer every alternative available to them you exponentially increase your closing ratio.  Smart consumers buy clarity enhanced when they understand the benefits of the product.

A New Diamond for a Changing Marketplace

For many consumers – when it comes to diamonds, BIGGER is better!

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