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What are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

We take a diamond with a very unique type of naturally occurring imperfection, a feather, and optically eliminate it. A microscopic film is inserted into the feather. The film has the same refractive index as the diamond and is materially weightless. As a result, light transmits through the feather, visually removing the flaw.

How do you identify a Clarity Enhanced Diamond?

Clarity enhanced diamonds can be identified using a jewelers loupe. The enhancement area reflects a “flash effect”, which contains red, blue or purple color, sometimes seen individually and sometimes in combination. These colors rarely appear in non-enhanced diamonds.

Will the enhancement process change the weight of the Diamond?

No, the film used to enhance the diamond is materially weightless and so your diamond will remain the same weight after enhancement as before.

Can I put my Diamond in the ultrasonic?

Yes, the enhancement will not be harmed by the ultrasonic cleaning process when using non-acidic and non-ammonia based solutions.

Can I steam clean my Clarity Enhanced Diamond?


Does my diamond come with a guarantee?

Alta Diamonds enhancements are durable and permanent under normal wear and tear conditions. Only high heat, acid or ammonia can harm the enhancement. In the unlikely event of the enhancement being damaged Alta Diamonds will re-enhance the diamond free of charge.

Can the Enhancement be harmed?

The enhancement process is permanent under normal wear and tear conditions. Only the heat of the torch, exposing to acid, ammonia or recutting a diamond can affect the enhancement. We recommend the stone be removed when retipping prongs.

What if we need to re-enhance a stone?

Return the stone to Alta Diamonds and we will restore the enhancement free of charge.

Are any other gemstones enhanced?

Yes, almost every gemstone sold in the United States has been enhanced. For example, irradiation, oiling, heated bleached etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

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