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Many of our customers ask us for guidance in selling clarity enhanced diamonds. There is a lot of misinformation causing lost sales. When showing diamonds to your customer, include clarity enhanced diamonds in every presentation.

Introducing Clarity Enhanced to Your Customer

Here is the most effective approach to increasing your diamond sales:

  • As you proceed through the sales process and your have determined how much your customer wants to spend, show them ALL the alternatives available to them. e.g. Budget $2000 show 0.50ct non-enhanced and 0.75ct enhanced.

  • When the customer has shown interest in the clarity enhanced alternative explain why the stone is so much larger. Let the customer choose, “allow them to fall in love with the stone.”

  • Clarity enhancement is a state-of-the-art technology that visually enhances the diamonds fire and brilliance. The process visually eliminates a type of inclusion which inhibits the light play within the diamond. The enhancement allows light to pass through the inclusion as though it does not exist.

  • Tell them the clarity enhanced diamond is the best way for them to achieve “the most diamond for their money”.

When the customer expresses interest in the clarity enhanced diamond provide more explanation:

  • Almost all diamonds have some type of imperfections known as inclusions.

  • Some are called “feathers”.

  • A microscopic amount of material with the same refractive index of the diamond is inserted by high temperature & high pressure to optically eliminate the feather, increasing the diamonds fire and brilliance.

  • If asked about resale, explain that a clarity enhanced diamond will hold its value the same as non-enhanced.

  • You can point out that only an experienced jeweler can identify an enhanced diamond by looking at the diamond through a loupe.

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